How to Eat Healthier

After reading the great amount of articles on diet and health that is scattered around the internet we are left with a big question mark. What do we do with all this information?

There is a great confusion around the questions of: What to eat? How to match your foods? Which foods are compatible? What shouldn't we eat and what to avoid? It is a great amount of information that we do not know how to sort.

The best solution will of course be to see a nutritionist for advice on a weekly menu. A menu that will be healthy for us. This also is a short term solution, because most of us like to vary our food so as not to get bored.

We benefit from a variety of flavors, textures, smells and colors of foods of all types.
We are starved for quality food and for it to also be nutritious and healthy.

While on this and other sites there are a variety of details on how to eat healthier. We usually read the information and leave it for later. For the day we decide to eat healthier.

"How to eat healthier" is not just a sentence, it's a way of life.
If we set before us some rules that are not so hard to implement, we will enter the magical world that includes a wide variety of exciting foods.

Eat fresh vegetables every day.
We'll have fresh herbs. Eat vegetables and salads.
Reduce significantly our sugar consumption level or avoid it entirely.
Avoid sugary drinks. Prefer fruit shakes and drink water instead.

Thee most important is to be healthy and happy in your heart.
Leave anger behind. Concentrate on improving the quality of your life.
You will feel much more energetic.

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