Cost Saving Tips

A large part of every family costs is spending on food - fruits, vegetables, meat and so on. But even though we have a great diversity and quantity of foods, most families do not know how to save using the means available to them.

Food has an impact not only on our wallet but also on our health and how we look. Some cost saving food tips:

  1. Prepare your change purse, pay with small bills.
  2. Never go shopping with the kids! And if you have no choice then set aside for each child a little money to buy candy or any other product but only it. So that he will look for what he wants. It will teach your child to think before making a purchase.
  3. Your major shopping day in the week should concentrate on a place where they usually sell cheap food and not on where there is an available parking space.
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  5. If you are going to buy bread and milk Take the money and just leave your  wallet and credit card at home. Many come to buy bread and milk and go out with products worth of hundreds of dollars.
  6.  Work with groceries lists and do not deviate from them, discipline is very important!
  7.  Try to shop with cash and not credit cards with which we tend to pay without thinking.
  8.  Do not be tempted to buy something you don't really need just because it is on sale.
  9.  Fruits and vegetables are recommended to buy at a market close to you.
  10.  Close neighbors and friends can organize togethr in order to get wholesale prices at many different stores that offer a quantity discount.
  11.  Some shopping traps: did you notice the milk and bread are always at the end of the store? These are essential products for most people, so the store puts them at the end so you take a good look and see something else you want to buy. Expensive products and high profitability are at an eye level, the largest shopping trap is near the sopping line, chewing gum and candy. So that you look at it whille you wait
  12.  Do not buy instant food! Try to cook at home, to buy fresh meat; with frozen meat you pay a decent amount for the ice!