FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How to eat healthier at a restaurant?

If you eat at a restaurant it doesn't mean that you must compromise . Most of the restaurants today have healthy aternatives for any taste. Even if you eat in a fast food place like Mecdoalds you can order healthy foods such as salad or a healthy sandwich.
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How can I start eating healthier?


The first thing is making the choice to eat healthier. After that you can read about which foods are the healthiest for you so you can make your own Healthy Food Choices.

You will also need to know how to make the food taste good.
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How do I eat healthier without emptying my wallet?

Eating healthier foods doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money. Make yourself an affordable budget and stick to it.
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How can I eat healthier without my friends staring?


My advice is not to worry about your friends. If they are really your friends they will want you to be healthy.

If you are too embraced to eat healthy in public you can always make yourself some healthy sandwiches.
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How can I eat healthier when my family is so unhealthy?

It is difficult to eat healthier foods when there is much junk food in the fridge. Our advice is to make yourself your own shelf in the refrigerator. This way you will know where your food is.
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Any tips on how to eat healthier in college?

The biggest problems in college are cash and the fact you don't have a place to properly cook.

To solve the problem you have to do a bit of planning.We have some Quick Food Tips so that you can eat healthy anywhere.