Healthy Eating Tips

Good nutrition has many advantages: Besides reducing the chance of diabetes, it decreases the tendency to suffer from high blood pressure, atherosclerosis or risk of heart disease and cancer. It also improves body function, digestive system works better, better concentration, skin, nails and hair, there is less bloating and gas and a general feeling of vitality.

Here we have some tips of what and how to do so that you can eat healthier foods for you own benefit.

How to cook eggs

The healthiest way to eat an egg is when it's hard, that is - cook it with water. If you have to fry it, you should do it on a very low flame with the lid closed. Egg yolk especially rich in cholesterol, saturated fat that easily oxygenates in prolonged frying, and therefore may affect the blood vessels in the entire body.

What Chocolate to consume

If you love chocolate – Indulge yourself with the finest chocolate. As we know, the quality of chocolate is determined depending on the amount of cocoa solids it contains. Simple chocolates contain 28% cocoa solids, while the finest chocolates contain 70% -90%.The larger the percentage of cocoa in chocolate the healthier the chocolate, because it contained a large amount of antioxidants. Chocolate also contains quite a bit of sugar, but the more cocoa solids it contains the less sugar there is.


Why give up the Soup powders

Soup powders contain plenty of calories, fats, chemicals and MSG, that strengthens the flavor of the food but can cause headaches and allergies. You can get used to cooking with soup powders. It is well known that the great chefs refrain from using soup powders, and prefer to spice up their food with natural ingredients like herbs and spices which have a better flavor. The first step is to get used to cooking dishes such as pasta and chicken with no soup powder. To improve the flavor use fresh herbs instead.

What food coloring to avoid

When buying noodles or crackers, mind that in the list of ingredients does not appear Tertzine yellow food coloring, which is not recommended in general and especially not for children. Most manufacturers have stopped using this controversial color. So you should choose their products over those containing the Tertzine.