Health Food Supplements

1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,it's the key to a healthy diet.
A smart breakfast rich in protein and nutrients is the first step in formulating a smart menu. Health food supplements such as health shakes are the ideal solution for this.

2 .Regular meals - most people do not realize the importance of eating at regular times every day. Consumption of health food supplements at regular times every morning and lunch is an excellent way to develop correct eating habits.


3 .Mineral components are needed to build the body and for it to function properly. An average menu doesn't have enough minerals and nutritional supplements needed. You can get them from the right health food supplements.

4. Vitamins are the most important part of a healthy daily menu because they help to progress the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.
Most of the food we consume does not contain enough vitamins.
Nutritional supplements contain the daily dose of vitamins the body needs to function correctly.

5. Proteins protects cells and the growth of the body.
For every Kg of body mass an average person needs a gram of protein.
An unbalanced menu doesn't have enough protein.
The correct supplements and protein powder are the perfect addition to your daily menu

6. Balanced food is an important key to a healthy diet.
Supplements ensure a balance to your body by using all the nutrients it needs.

7. Although fruits contain vitamins, minerals and fiber, they also contain quite a bit of sugar. Eat 2-3 servings of fruit every day. Pickled fruits contain the same amount of sugar, so this rule relates to both types of fruit.

8.Processed food does not contain the vitamins and minerals of its natural state.
Nutritional supplements that maintain the balance between carbohydrates and fats are the ideal substitute for it.

9. Avoid foods that are full of salt, food coloring and preservatives.It raises blood pressure and may cause disease.

10. Greesy junk food and sweets contain empty calories and a lot of fat. Keep away from sweets at any cost !!!