Vitamin Table




Recommended amount


Vitamin - A

Liver, egg yolk ,
Whole milk, fish oil, yellow fruits and vegetables especially carrots

Vitamin A- is required for growth and building bones and teeth.It is required for good eyesight and protects the skin. It's also essential for absorbing the food components by the body .

Girl, Boy (1000-800 mcg)

Vitamin – B6

Chicken liver , fish, corn, whole grains, eggs, legumes

Needed to create the red blood cells. Required for healthy skin and needeed for good digestion.

Boy (2 mg), Girl (1.5 mg)

Vitamin – B12

Only in animals, Liver
Meat products , poultry, eggs
Milk, cheese .

Is necessary for maintaining the nervous system and red blood cell creation .

Boy, Girl (3 mcg)

Vitamin - C

Animals (mainly from the liver),
Most fruits and vegetables (mainly citrus fruits, strawberry tomato
Cabbage) .

This vitamin is important for maintenance of bones, teeth and gums also it takes the immune system.

Boy, Girl (60 mg per day)

Vitamin - D

Liver , butter, fish oil, egg yolk, milk Note :
Infants up to age a year are recommended two drops of vitamin D + A

Vitamin -D is essential to regulate the balance of calcium in the blood and bone. Is essential for building bones and teeth .

10 g = 400 international units a

Vitamin - E

Nuts, seeds , cereals, vegetable oil, fish oil, leafy vegetables .

Essential for healthy cell structure. Helps to prevent eye disease and anemia

Boy (10 mg), Girl (8 mg)

Vitamin - K

It's found in green vegetables, corn oil, soybean, liver, dairy products, meat and fruit

It is needed for proper operation of the blood clotting system

Boy (65 mcg), Girl (55 mcg)

Vitamin –B1

Grains, brown rice, whole wheat flour, pulses, yeast .
Animal organs
Liver, kidney , heart

Participates in the digestion of carbohydrates and energy production .

Boy (1.5 mg), Girl (1 mg)